9 Cool Tips to Build Lean Muscle Mass


Muscle building is not an easy activity. It is a task that is sitting on most people’s list of goals and has probably featured as a New Year’s solutions, repeatedly. What makes body building seem even tougher is the fact that most people have tried and failed before. This gives them the illusion that it is a near-impossible task. This is however false.

The reason most people don’t get good results can be traced to the techniques used. Gaining lean muscle mass is much more than going to the gym and picking up the first dumbbells you lay your eyes on. It involves a multi angled approach aimed at enhancing the growth and development of your muscles. The two main focuses are on exercise and diet. Below are proven tips that will help you gain that muscle mass:

1. Eat frequently

Food is the body’s fuel for all its activities. You need enough of both carbohydrates and proteins so that your body can meet its metabolic demands and still have enough left to build muscle. When your body receives inadequate nutrients such as carbohydrates, it will break down proteins to get energy for metabolic processes.
If feeding is inadequate, your body turns to its fat reservoirs and muscles. Muscles are broken down and proteins used for energy. This causes loss of muscle mass. To avoid this, it is recommended to eat frequently. A minimum of five meals a day should keep your body running.

2. More protein to maximize body building

More protein to maximize body buildingProteins are the raw materials for building muscles. You need to build up good proteins stores and keep replenishing them as the body breaks them down or uses them in muscle building.
Foods that are rich in protein should form part of every meal. This includes eggs, peanuts, milk, chicken, beef and all other kinds of meats. The quantities that you need to consume may vary depending on your weight with heavier people needing more.

3. carbohydrates Intake

carbohydrates IntakeThere are two reasons for this. One is that you will be doing a lot of heavy lifting and your muscles will need the energy. Enough carbohydrates will enable you to successfully work out.
The other reason is to prevent protein breakdown. As highlighted before, a diet that lacks in carbohydrates will make your body turn to proteins and fats as the primary source of energy, thus burning up the proteins that would have been used to build muscles.

4.Focus on big lifts

Focus on big liftsThe exercising part of has to be done right. All forms of training should be aimed at working out the big muscle groups like the legs, back, and chest. These are the muscles that have the potential of bulking up.
The exercise should be intense. Going for 10lb dumbbells won’t do much for a 150lb guy. You need to challenge your muscles for them to grow. Heavy weights will bring better results. The right technique is also important. That’s why we recommend working with trainers. To top it all, exercising has t be done regularly if possible daily.

5. drink before exercising

drink before exercisingIt is kind of similar to having all the equipment and materials before construction. The drink contains the nutrients in the liquid form which is easier to absorb. Having a shake before work out avails enough proteins and carbohydrates to your bloodstream before the workout. As you workout, the muscles get enough carbohydrates for energy and proteins to build more muscle fibers.
This is backed by a scientific research by Texas University. The study revealed that athletes who take a stiff drink before work out gain more lean muscle mass than those who do it after. The underlying physiology is that work out increase blood flow to muscle cells and their nutrient absorbing capacity. Muscles, therefore, take up the most nutrients during exercise leading to better growth.

6. Eat plenty of vegetables

Eat plenty of vegetablesBodybuilding is not purely a protein and carbohydrate affair; vitamins have their role. Every process in your body is a chemical reaction, and most of them require catalysts and coenzymes which are vitamins, or vitamin dependent. Protein synthesis and muscle synthesis are some of the anabolic reactions. Without vitamins, the process is not possible.
Therefore, broccoli, kale spinach, and salads should form a significant part of your diet.

7. Have a high quality post workout meal

high quality post workout mealIt is after a workout that your body regenerates and builds that muscle mass. Weight training, on the other hand, causes your body to increase its energy demands as it rejuvenates the muscles and replenishes energy stores that were burnt up during the workout.
For this reason, enough nutrients have to be provided to meet the body’s needs, plus deliver the surplus to be used for muscle building. Meals that contain meats, peanuts or eggs are best after a workout.

8. milk before bed

Milk is the ultimate drink, containing a good amount of proteins and carbohydrates. Having a glass a few minutes before bed time is good for your body. The calories and proteins are used when asleep, preventing your body from breaking down its proteins. This is good for preserving the already gained muscle mass.

9. Use supplements

Use supplementsUsing the right supplements is an accelerator to the process, allowing your body to achieve its true muscle mass potential. The D-Bal MAX supplement has been particularly proven to be effective. It has all the benefits of other supplements without the undesired side effects such as acne and man boobs.
This is a completely safe product. The ingredients used are FDA approved. They include:

  • Pro Branched Chain Amino Acid – this is the specific protein that is used as a substrate in muscle building.
  • 20-Hydroxyecdysterone – a naturally occurring plant extract that has anabolic effects on muscles.
  • Whey protein complex – another protein complex used as a substrate in muscle building

How it works: It works in three ways:

  • Increases your body’s protein synthesis. By ramping this up, your body can build muscle fibers at a faster pace.
  • Reduces serotonin levels during a workout and increases ATP. Serotonin is a hormone that is released during a workout that makes you feel fatigued. In habiting its release allows you to work out for longer, making you build more muscle.
  • Boosts T and growth hormone levels. These hormones have an anabolic effect on muscles making them grow much faster and much bigger.

Benefits: D-Bal MAX accelerates the process of gaining muscle mass enabling you to gain more weight and strength in a shorter duration. All this comes without the undesirable effects of steroids such as hair loss.
The above nine tips have been proven to be effective in gaining lean muscle mass. Set your targeted body mass and use these tips as a road map to attaining your goal. Trust me; you won’t be disappointed by the results.