9 Powerful Explosive Strength Exercises


Workouts that involve weight lifting have been in existence since time immemorial, with their body building benefits celebrated around the universe. Whether barbells, dumbbells, kettle-bells, dragging sleds, resistance belts or simply one’s body weight are involved, the rewards of using weights during exercising can never be underestimated. Not only do they help in burning of excess fats, but they also make muscles leaner and stronger.
With weights, there are no limits when it comes to physical training, and with these nine explosive strength exercises, one should be sure to reap sundry rewards from their workout sessions.

1. The Squat JumpSquat

The squat jump is probably the simplest and most convenient explosive strength workout for anyone who prefers quick workout sessions. Its procedure includes standing with one’s feet shoulder-width apart, doing a regular squat, and then jumping up explosively. After this, one is required to again lower their body’s position into a squat quietly, and then repeat the procedure. One can choose to perform as many sets as they please.

2. Dumbbell Snatch

Dumbbell SnatchThis workout instills the vital exercise skill of transferring force from the ground to the top, through the whole trunk. It is important for improvement of coordination and promotion of core strength. It is performed by gripping the dumbbell in one hand, jumping and landing with the knees bent a little and the back slightly arched, while leaning forward at the hips. Finally, one will need to pull their shoulders towards the hips while bending the elbow, pulling, and lifting the dumbbell up close enough to the body. The forearm is then rotated back and forth until the dumbbell is lined behind the ear. This explosive strength workout procedure should be repeated in multiple sets for perfect results.

3. Plyometric Pushups

Plyometric PushupsPlyometric pushups are similar to regular pushups. However, with every push-up, there should be enough force and power exerted so that one is able to remove their hands from the ground and clap before landing. They are also referred to as clap pushups or plyo pushups. They are impeccable in the strengthening of arm and chest muscles as well as the upper body.

4. Box Squat

Box SquatBarbells are used in this workout routine. It is set up in such a way that the barbell is placed on the support of a squat rack. The box is placed behind the individual, at a position low enough for the feet to be parallel to the ground when seated. The barbell is then lifted across the shoulders with the hands holding it a few inches from the shoulders. The individual will then stand with his feet wide, bend his hips and then sit back, lowering his hamstrings towards the box, and then stand up with explosive power. This exercise works great on both the lower and upper body.

5. Rotational Lunge Swings

Rotational Lunge SwingsFor this, one is required to have a sandbag, which is carefully rotated around the body, just as its name suggests. It helps to strengthen the muscles of the arm, chest, abdomen, hips and the torso in general. The sandbag is rotated around the body while varying weights and velocities depending on one’s strength and prowess. This workout is also good for injury resistance training.

6. Kettlebell Swing

Kettlebell SwingFirst, the feet need to be at a shoulder-width position with the kettlebell placed on the floor, between the feet. The shoulders should be positioned backwards with the chest up high, followed by squatting down and grabbing the kettlebell’s handle with both hands. One will then be required to stand up as they lift the kettlebell with their shoulders back. Bending the knees slightly, the kettlebell will then be pulled up, swinging towards the chest in an explosive motion. This process should be repeated seamlessly, but while maintaining its explosive nature. It is a great exercise for building flexibility and endurance of muscles, hips, glutes and the whole core.

7. Ravers

RaversThe ravers workout involves positioning one foot backward and the other forward, and then taking a barbell across one’s shoulders. The knees should be bent slightly while quickly switching the positions of the feet with a slight jump. This is repeated forcefully and quickly, producing enough power to give the calves of the feet and other lower body muscles a good stretch, while gradually adding weights to the barbell.

8. Frog Squat Jump

Frog Squat JumpJust as its name suggests, this kind of workout replicates a frog’s movements. To perform frog squat jumps, one needs to spread their feet quite wider than their shoulders in a standing position with the toes pointing slightly outwards. They will squat deep until the hands touch the floor, and then jump up quickly like a frog. This is repeated severally while focusing on the vertical height. For the best results, the frog squat jump may be performed with dumbbells in the hands.

9. The Bulgarian Jump Squat

The Bulgarian Jump SquatWith one leg rested back onto a bench, and the other on the floor, the Bulgarian jump squat requires that one taps the knee of the leg that is on the bench while using enough force to lift the other foot from the ground. Swinging one’s arms and alternating the position of the feet at short intervals makes this workout more bearable and fruitful.


It is undoubtedly that explosive exercises are tough, and only few people can endure them for a long while. However, it should be noted that only those who endure enjoy the fruits of this miracle workout in terms of their fitness goals and health benefits. Some of the benefits of these explosive strength exercises include strengthening of tendons and muscle fibers, improvement of neuromuscular system efficiency, increased pain threshold and improved performance in sports. Just like any other exercise, these explosive strength workouts ensure perfect health and help relax both the muscles and the mind.