How to Bulk up Without Gaining Fat?


Bulking is an essential phase when trying to add lean muscle to your frame. However, gaining fat (as well as muscle), means you’ll have to spend more time cutting after your bulk finishes.
How depressing is that.
Thus it can be very beneficial to not only build muscle on your bulk but to also minimize fat gain.
Here are some ways to bulk up without gaining fat:

  • Eat clean
  • Rely on your workouts, not calories to add mass
  • Small calorie surplus
  • Supplements/steroids

Eating Clean

Eating clean doesn’t mean you should rinse a piece of chocolate under the tap so it is thus worthy of entering your mouth.
Of course ‘clean’ refers to natural unrefined foods that won’t spike your insulin levels.
Sugary, refined food choices will spike insulin, in turn promoting fat storage. Thus if you can refrain from dirty bulking, you might not add as much fat mass.
For maximum clean eating here are some superior food choices:

  • wholewheat pasta over white
  • wholemeal bread over white
  • wholegrain rice over white
  • use stevia instead of sugar
  • avoid sugary snacks/drinks

The only time where an insulin spike can be beneficial/anabolic to a bodybuilder is first thing in the morning and post-workout.
What do both of these have in common? At both of these times your glycogen (energy) levels will be low.
Thus by consuming sugar and spiking your blood sugar levels you will fuel your muscles by replenishing glycogen. As a result your body will be less catabolic and your muscles will feel fuller.

Rely on Your Workouts, Not Calories to Add Mass

If you don’t overeat, you won’t gain weight/fat. So how are you meant to add mass if you don’t eat more calories?
Simple, by frequently changing your workouts.
I.e. if you usually train heavy, train light for a few weeks.
If you usually have 1 minutes rest inbetween sets, have 20 seconds.
Little modifications like this can really make a difference over several weeks and you’ll start to notice that your muscles will respond to you ‘shocking them into growth’.
This is the perfect strategy to adopt if you’re really lean and you don’t want to sacrifice your low body fat % for extra mass,; but you DO want your muscles to get a bit bigger.
More ways to overload your muscles:

  • Introduce new exercises
  • Train with FatGripz
  • Supersets
  • Tri-sets
  • Slower reps

Small Calorie Surplus

Some ‘experts’ say that by eating in a 500 calorie surplus you won’t gain any fat, you’ll just build muscle.
Through experience I’ve found this to be incorrect.
You will gain a small amount of weight, that will both be in the form of muscle AND fat.
So by eating in a small calorie surplus (500 over maintenance for example) you’ll REDUCE fat gains and build muscle, but you won’t stay at the same body fat % after following this protocol for a few weeks/months.
However, as you’re only bumping your calories up a little, you won’t experience all the water retention that comes with a super high calorie diet #BloatedMess.


If you get the right steroid stack you can eat in a calorie surplus without gaining ANY fat.
What is this wizardry? The answer lies with steroids that burn fat.
These can be cutting steroids such as:

  • Testosterone
  • Clenbuterol
  • Anavar
  • Winstrol

If you could only take 2 steroids when bulking to limit fat gain I would recommend Testosterone and Winstrol. This is because these 2 compounds have fat burning and muscle building qualities.
So you’ll add even more muscle from your bulk and it’s quite likely that you’ll remain at the same body fat percentage while you do this – due to their fat burning effects.
Not bad, eh?
Building muscle and burning fat simultaneously like this is the ultimate for a bodybuilder. It’s often deemed impossible, but with this plan of action it’s certainly doable.
When you can add lean mass like this it will look even more impressive too. When guys add muscle and fat, because their muscle definition goes down; you don’t see how much muscle they’ve really gained until after their next cut.
I hope this article has helped you come up with a few more ideas when it comes to keeping your six pack long into your bulk 🙂