The Complete Supplement Guide

Complete Supplement GuideHave you found it hard in the past to put on size? No matter how hard you train your biceps and chest they just don’t get bigger? By following the supplement recommendations below and having a good bodybuilding program you will get the results and those few kilograms you’re after.
How do I know what Supplements I should be taking?
When you first look at all the supplements available in our supplement warehouse it can be quite overwhelming. What is the correct supplement to take? How much should I be taking? What will it do for me? Whether you’re a beginner just starting off at the gym, a lady wanting to get more protein in her diet, or a serious bodybuilder or gym junkie we can help.
If you want to lose weight, maintain your current size or build new muscle, this guide will help you pick the right supplementation to achieve your goals.
What is Supplementation and do I need it?
Supplementation are tools to help you increase your muscle building potential, help you lose weight and recover faster. You don’t necessarily need supplements to gain muscle or lose weight however they definitely help you build muscle a lot quicker.
I’m a beginner at the gym, what should I start with?
For anyone who has just started at the gym doing strength training or anyone considering taking supplements most people will start off with a multi-vitamin, protein and creatine.
There are a lot of different types of supplements on the market that make your muscles grow, recover quicker and rebuild faster. Below is a list of the top supplements that people use to produce the best results:

  1. Protein (Build Muscle).
  2. Creatine (Increase Muscle Mass).
  3. Glutamine (Improves Recovery).
  4. Multi-Vitamin (Essential Vitamins).
  5. Testosterone Booster (Enhance Muscle Mass, Strength & Endurance).
  6. HMB (Faster Recovery, Build Bigger Muscles).
  7. NO2 (Nitric Oxide).
  8. ZMA (Increase Strength & Power).
  9. Amino Acids & BCAA’s (Repair, Develop & Grow Muscle).

How do I know which supplement to take to help with the muscle building process and recover faster?
I’ll start by explaining two of the most essential and often over-looked supplements so you’ll have a better understanding of how they work and why you might need them.
Multi-Vitamin: when undergoing high intensity workouts or endurance exercise, one of the most forgotten supplements is the multi-vitamin. They allow you to support your physical performance while also maintaining your health and well-being. They allow you to support your muscle tone and development while maintaining a healthy immune system in times of stress and physical exhaustion.
Many people don’t consume enough of the essential vitamins and minerals in their diet for normal, everyday function. By throwing into the mix the high intensity workouts, the results from your workouts will really be inhibited.
Whether you are a bodybuilder, professional athlete or a novice in the exercise arena, a good multi-vitamin is essential to maintain your health and well-being while also increasing the results seen from your hard work in the gym.
HMB: faster recovery and building bigger muscles. HMB is relatively new to the supplementation circuit and is becoming increasingly popular. It is a metabolite of the branch chain amino acid, Leucine. HMB aids protein synthesis and enables the muscles to recover faster and helps to reduce muscle tissue breakdown.
If you are going to increase your weight training, you really want to reduce the amount of muscle tissue breakdown (catabolism). HMB has an anabolism effect. That is, it enables you to build up muscle and create larger muscle mass. When taken in the correct doses after training, it allows you to generate larger, more substantial muscle preventing the breakdown of muscle tissue.