What is Nitric Oxide?


First of all is Nitric Oxide dangerous? Several opponents of Nitric Oxide assert it reduces insulin levels and protein synthesis, and even damages muscle tissue. If products containing NO2 were this harmful, the TGA would have stepped in long ago. Why the danger? Most NO2 products contain Arginine an Amino Acid that’s required for growth, immune function, wound healing and protein metabolism.
It is also involved in the transport and storage, as well as the excretion of nitrogen, essential in the production of Growth Hormone. Nitric oxide is a gas that’s derived from Arginine. It has many functions ranging from libido and performance to stimulation of muscle growth. It is essential for proper functioning of the cardiovascular system, central nervous system, and immune function.
The question remains, does Arginine increase nitric oxide to toxic levels? The answer is probably not unless you are downing such amounts of Arginine that you land yourself in the hospital. The evidence thus far still shows no serious side effects from raising nitric oxide levels minimally.
5 grams of Arginine on an empty stomach results in a small increase nitric oxide, but enough to support some growth and repair of muscle tissue.