How to Improve Male Orgasm Intensity?


How to Improve Male Orgasm IntensityWhen it comes to sex, the sex is great and feels good, the intimacy is fun and the fooling around is enjoyable.
However the big cherry on top of it is the orgasm.
Great Orgasm = Mind Shattering Sex.
You can change your orgasms into mind shattering experiences every time.
Mind Shattering Male Orgasms
The male orgasm occurs when the male ejaculates the semen out of the penis. The pleasurable feelings achieved are as a result of intense contractions of all the pelvic muscles in order to propel the semen out of your body.
Orgasm intensity and the pleasure experienced in an orgasm can be directly attributed to the intensity and duration of the pelvic contractions.
Unfortunately as we get older, the intensity of the contractions as well as the semen volume can decrease and although the orgasm is still nice, it lacks the intensity and shooting capacity that we had in our teens. Erections start to lose their firmness and strength and it becomes harder to achieve an erection.
You can easily improve your orgasm intensity and semen quantity by enlisting the help of Male Extra.
How Male Extra Improves Your Orgasms?
When you increase the semen in your body, upon orgasm your penis suddenly has a lot more semen to shoot out. In order to cope with the extra workload, your body increases the contraction strength and duration, resulting in an increase in the intensity and duration of your male orgasm. You start to experience mind blowing and body numbing orgasms again.
Male Extra will increase your semen production and volume by as much as 200%.
Improved orgasms and harder erections.
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