Deferol Review {WARNINGS}: Scam, Side Effects, Does it Work?


Deferol Review Deferol

For men battling premature ejaculation, there is pretty good chance you have heard about Deferol after you did your own research on the best solutions to your problems.
Deferol, basically, is a sort of climax control supplements. It has been created to help alleviate ejaculation problems among men, enabling you achieve a longer sex.

Company behind Deferol

The Deferol is made by a US-based company called IDist Laboratories. The company has in the recent months become synonymous with a number of supplement products sold today.

Deferol claims to:

• Improve climax control
• Help reduce anxiety
• Increase serotonin in the body
• Allows you achieve a longer sexual encounter

Deferol Ingredients

Formulated in this product are a handful of ingredients. First is Passiflora; Its extract is said to help reduce anxiety. Secondly is Pyridoxal 5 Phosphate.
It is an active form of P5P and is said to help with muscle growth. Folic acid is also found in this supplement. It is a great treatment for a wide range of conditions like kidney disease, ulcers among others.
Lastly is Pyridoxine HCL. It can be converted to P5P and can help in production of serotonin in the body.

How does Deferol work?

The Deferol is claimed to come packed with natural ingredients that are said to specifically target serotegenic causes of poor ejaculation control.
It is said to control serotonin levels in the body thus reducing the effect of dopamine that is known to trigger ejaculation. It is also said to help calm you, allowing you achieve better climax control in order for you to last longer.

Deferol Pros

  • Longer sexual encounter
  • Great ejaculation control
  • Alleviate anxiety

Deferol Cons

  • Doesn’t treat any underlying ailment
  • Taken an hour before sex encounter can inconvenient a lot of people
  • Doesn’t not increase the size of your penis

Deferol Results

It is claimed by its creators that if Deferol is taken in within a hour before your sexual encounter with your partner, you will get the best results. This can be quite tricky for some encounters are not actually planned before.

Where to buy?

Make your order of Deferol on Amazon or their official website.

Is Deferol a scam?

Although a lot of praises have continued to be heaped on this product by the manufacturers, there are so many people who come out and claimed the product does not work as claimed.
We could say this product is just as scam as other similar product in the market. There are just here to reap your money.

Deferol Side effects

Just like any other male enhancement drug, if you take more than what is recommended, there is pretty good chance this product is going to leave you battling some serious side effects. You may also want to consult your doctor before you try it.


If at all this product does work for you, it is important to know it is not a long lasting solution to your woes. This product does not in any way address some underlying ailments that could be causing the problem. In short, Deferol will not help treat any ailment.

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