Male Extra Review 2017: Benefits, Side Effects, Does it Work? Is it a Scam?


Male ExtraMale Extra Reviews

Male Extra is a powerful supplement known for its ability to help enhance men’s sexual health in a number of ways. Found in pill form, this supplement contains powerful natural ingredients that help men by increasing sexual desire and at the same time addresses size issues by increasing the size of the penis.

Company Behind Male Extra

Marlia Health Innovations, located in the United Kingdom is the company behind this revolutionary male enhancement supplement. The company also manufactures other types of health and fitness supplements.

Male Extra Claims

According to the manufacturer, Male Extra provides the body with enough nutrients and offers the following:

  • Bigger and harder erections
  • Enhances sexual drive
  • Reduces performance disorders
  • The product is safe and offers guaranteed results
  • Orgasmic pleasure and intense erections

Male Extra Ingredients

Male Extra is available in pill form and contains the following ingredients:

  • Pomegranate: It helps in enhancing blood flow to the penis and increase erection hardness.
  • L-Arginine HCL: This is an amino acid that affects the quality of your sexual performance.
  • Creatine: This is responsible for supplying energy to the muscle tissues thus increasing your energy levels and performance.
  • Zinc: This ingredient improves sperm health and sperm count.
  • Methyl Sulfonyl Methane: This helps in building and repairing damaged penile cells giving you stronger and lasting erections.
  • Cordyceps: This ingredient boosts your libido and performance levels.

How Does Male Extra Work?

This supplement works by boosting increased blood flow to the penis. For a full erection to occur there must be increased blood flow to the tissues in your penis. However, if the blood flow is insufficient or interrupted you may suffer from erectile dysfunction or problems. Male Extra contains natural ingredients that stimulate increased blood flow and nutrient absorption which enables you to have stronger and lasting erections.

Male Extra Video Testimonial

Go here to check what user think about Male Extra.

Male Extra Pros

  • It contains 100 percent natural ingredients and as such has little or no side effects
  • Increases sexual pleasure during sexual intercourse
  • Allows you to achieve and maintain strong and harder erections whenever needed
  • Improves sexual performance, sex drive, penile size and growth
  • Boosts testosterone levels, enhances blood circulation and prevents erectile dysfunctions

Male Extra Cons

  • The pills do not work instantly; it is like a long term solution to your sexual problems
  • They are a bit expensive
  • If combined with other drugs like Viagra, it can induce an erection that will not go away even after an orgasm
  • If you want fast results, you need to combine penile exercises with Male Extra to increase the size of your penis.

Male Extra Results

Male Extra is not a magic pill that works overnight. You need to take the supplement for a few months for you to enjoy its benefits.

Where To Buy Male Extra?

You can buy Male Extra for the lowest price by purchasing it online directly from the manufacturer’s official website. However, third-party sellers like offer this product but at an exaggerated price.

Is Male Extra a Scam?

No, Male Extra supplement is not a scam. There is clinical proof supporting the ingredients and evidence that supports the efficacy of the supplement. Additionally, there is a 60-day money back guarantee offered by the manufacturer. This means that if you are not satisfied with the product, you can ask for a full refund of your money.

Male Extra Side Effects

Since Male Extra contains all-natural ingredients, there are little-to-no serious side effects associated with this supplement. However, there are people who might experience mild reactions from some of the ingredients. Therefore, it is advisable to consult with your medical professional before taking any supplement.

Final Verdict

Male Extra does not only improve your sex drive and erection quality, but it also improves stamina and performance. The unique formula makes it a perfect solution to all male sexual issues and it is the reason why it is becoming popular by the day. So, if you are looking for a long-term and clinically proven solution or boost your sexual performance you should consider Male Extra.