How Does Male Extra Work? Male Extra Benefits


male extraWhat Male Extra benefits can customers expect to experience?

Every aspect of this dual action system screams support, support, support. On top of their Male Extra supplement and Penis Health exercises, consumers can look forward to a male enhancement system that is committed to answering your needs.
Their dedicated customer support team for instance was refreshingly available 24/7. Many other manufacturers will claim to offer 24 hour support but the sad reality is most of them are only available Monday to Friday. Yet with Male Extra you can experience the whole package deal.
Available 24/7 by email and normal working hours by telephone, a member of their highly trained health advisors is always available to take your call and answer all your questions.
We were particularly impressed by their ticketing system. With the average male enhancement product you can expect to wait up to a week to receive a written response, yet their team replied promptly to our list of questions, all within 48 hours.
And these were no one-liner answers either. Each were thoroughly explained and accompanied by a range of links, references and additional reading sources to ensure every angle of our question was answered.
Then of course there is the comfort of Male Extra’s 90 day money back guarantee; free shipping deal and promise that they will never auto ship. These 3 assurances did wonders for our confidence in helping us to believe in the credibility of their supplements.
Reassured that if within 90 days the product did not produce the results we were looking for, we could receive a full 100% refund. This gave us plenty of time to test their dual action virility system and give it time to work.
Yet after testing Male Extra ourselves, we cannot honestly see why anyone would want to take them up on this offer. In less than 4 weeks, we managed to increase our penis size by an inch, improve our ejaculation volumes by 200% and triple our lasting power.