Anavar Review: Does It Really Work? Dont Buy It Read This Before!


What is Anavar?

Anavar is a steroid tablet that is used by those who want to lose fat and build strong muscles at the same time. It is very popular among athletes.
These tablets are used by both women and men. This drug was fast introduced to the pharmaceutical market in 1964. The tablets were used on patients with HIV for fast healing and also for helping in the body composition of the patients.
Anavar will drain the water found within your muscles and on your skin thus pushes your veins to the surface. Once this is done you will achieve that built sexy body that you have been waiting for.

What is Anavar used for?

The main benefits of Anavar also referred to as (Oxandrolone) are to cut down fat as it helps increase strength in your body. Anavar also helps you build your lean muscles as well. These tablets can also help you lose bone pains caused by bone loss.
The tablets are similar to the hormones that are produced naturally by males. Anavar will help you build your strength with no increase to your weight.
Therefore, as you work out it will tend to squeeze your muscles thus they will contract more as you exercise. As it does this, it will provide strength to the fiber of smaller muscles.
It does this by increasing the level of phosphocreatine and nitrogen retention. For this reason, the body will be in a position to increase strength and synthesizing proteins faster thus a fasters fat loss. Caution should be taken as you need to follow a strict diet and exercise regularly.

How to use Anavar?

The tablets should be taken orally 2 to 4 times daily. In case of stomach upset, take it with milk or food. However, strawberries should be avoided as it may not work effectively. The dosage will depend on the medical condition of an individual and response to treatment. This medication is used for short-term treatment.

Common side effects of Anavar

In as much as the drug is mild. The drug is said to be one of the safest steroids that is known and most people use it. However, the drug has some sides effects.
Their minor side effects include: nausea, vomiting, headache, skin color changes, increased or decreased sexual interest, oily skin, hair loss, and acne. By any chance any of the mentioned effects persist you to see a physician.
Apart from the minor side effects, there are those significant side effects. If the significant side effects are witnessed you should visit your doctor immediately.
The side effects include: mental or mood swings, trouble sleeping or snoring, depression, and anxiety. For a male, they should see a doctor immediately if the experience a prolonged ejaculation that is lasting for more than 4 hours, trouble to urinate, breast

This medication can also decrease the sperm count in male thus lowering your fertility.
Other distinct side effects can only be experienced by females as well.
This side effects should raise the alarm and once noticed, you should visit your doctor. The side effects include: voice deepening, hoarseness, unusual facial hair growth, enlarged clitoris and irregularity in the menstrual cycle.
This medication can cause your body to retain more water thus you will suffer from edema. This water retention may increase the risk of heart failure. You should be cautious of the following symptoms as they are a sign of heart failure.
They include: swelling ankle or feet, unusual tiredness, shortness of breath or sometimes unusual weight gain.
However, the significant side effects are rare and for the minor side effects, the doctors know that they are manageable. Therefore, the minor effects should give you less of worries unless it is severe.

Managing side effects

To help you manage the side effects, you should use some supplements. The advisable supplements should contain milk thistle, TUDCA, and NAC. These supplements will help you avoid the adverse impact on the enzymes that are found in the liver.
Remember this the work of the liver to keep toxins away from the body. If you are looking for these supplements, then you are advised et use fish oil or N2guard.

Anavar Results

Anavar will not work miracles in your body. The changes will take place gradually. For a perfect result, you need a strict diet accompanied with exercise. This two combinations plus the tablet will help you achieve your goal.
On the first week of Anavar, the effect will be seen in the amount of water that your body will lose. You will not only feel better but you will look better with an addition of extra energy.
On the second week of taking the pills, you will notice an increase in strength gained. You will realize that you have started losing fats and making out the most on your muscles. Therefore, the abs will start showing.
After a month, there is a lot of weight loss with an increase in strength. On the sixth week you will notice that you have achieved your goal of standing out in that lean sexy athlete body.

Anavar Pros & Cons

The pros of Anavar include the fact that it is legal and usually natural. It is safe and can be used anywhere anytime as it needs no injection.
Therefore, the steroid is very convenient, if you follow the dosage strictly you will be amazed on the results as it will give you an explosive type of strength and help you lose weight tremendously in a healthy way.
The only cons are that these pills are only sold at the official website only. So anybody who wants Anavar must visit Anavar official website.


From the reviews that are existing, it is confirmed that never works best on a dose of 80 mg.
The reviews also confirm that the weight loss that is experienced with Anavar is usually a permanent weight loss. This makes the tablets to be more reliable to users.
Combine Anavar with testosterone to help you not lose your libido. With the combination, your libido will be taken care of as you lose fat and add more strength to your body.
As you compare the side effects to the other steroids you will realize that it is mild and so are the side effects.
To anyone who wants to get that lean, muscled and robust sexy body, make Anavar your number one choice. You will realize that your results will be permanent and long-lasting. Everybody will be asking you the secrete to your transformation. Try boosting your self-esteem with the powerful Anavar steroid and you will never regret it.