Crazy Bulk Dbal Review {Truth Revealed}: Side Effects, Does it Work?


Crazy Bulk Dbal – An Amazing Legal Dianabol AlternativeD-bal

If you are serious about your physique and aims to achieve a body like professional body builders or sports person, you definitely need to switch over to alternatives of steroid.
They will augment your body building process without posing any hazards to health. Crazy Bulk Dbal is one such alternative anabolic steroid of Crazy bulk that boosts up the body building process within a short time by augmenting the protein synthesis process.

Crazy Bulk Dbal – Introduction

Crazy Bulk Dbal is one of the bulking products of Crazy Bulk that promises to enhance the muscle growth multiple times than its counterparts in shortest time and that too within the pocket limit. It has been voted the best steroid alternative in 2015 for building muscle mass owing to its attributes and continues to keep up its commitments of delivering the desirable result in future as well.
It is commonly famous as DBol methadrostenol which was first produced by a group of researchers working under the supervision of Dr. Ziegler in Germany in 1950’s and then further released in the market In US by Ciba pharmaceuticals in 1960’s.
But it was latter banned which continues till date in various countries because of its ill effects. Later Crazy Bulk introduced a product which mimics the effects of this steroid omitting its negative effects, which is now famous at present as D-Bal.
It is 100% safe, legal non-steroidal alternative produced in GMP certified laboratories.

Crazy Bulk Dbal Ingredients and their functions:

Each capsule of Crazy Bulk Dbal constitutes of –

  • L-Isoleucine (100mg) – This amino acid supplies energy to the tissues of the muscle and helps in its growth and repair process.
  • L-Valine (100mg) – It is also a branched chain amino acid that assists in increasing the mass of the muscle and its strength.
  • L-Leucine (25mg) – Increases energy and endurance and assists in bulking process.
  • DHEA (25mg) – It helps in increasing the levels of testosterone in the body.
  • Whey Protein Concentrate (150mg) – It assists not only in building body but helps in fighting fatigue through speedy recovery of muscle tissues.
  • Colostrum-It assists in explosive growth.

All the ingredients put together offer the following functions of D-Bal –

  1. Builds up well nourished hard muscular body.
  2. Increases the strength and stamina of the body thereby leading to enhanced drive and focus towards your goal.
  3. Reduces the fatigue time by fastening the recovery process.
  4. Increases the body endurance level.
  5. Increased nitrogen retention thereby leading to more and more high quality muscle growth.

Crazy Bulk Dbal Results

Working Of Crazy Bulk Dbal:

D-Bal unlike other body building supplements that primarily increases the oxygen level in the tissues which enhances the metabolic activity, acts directly on the source of protein i:e nitrogen levels. Crazy Bulk Dbal functions remarkably by increasing the nitrogen retention in the body, which are the primary building blocks of protein.
Protein being the source of the muscle growth enhances the growth of the muscle mass, Thus the process of more and more nitrogen retention continues leading to enormous and rapid growth of the muscular body.
D-Bal not only creates an anabolic environment but is the lone protein sparing driver amongst the other Crazy Bulk products that prevents catabolic reaction during conditions of stress and excessive workout by preventing protein breakdown.
Thus it keeps the hard earned muscles intact and assists in speedy recovery and increases the endurance level of the body thereby enhancing the stamina of the body.

Crazy Bulk Dbal Dosages:

It is prescribed to take one capsule daily 2-3 times with meals even on non working days and on working days 30-40 mins before you start your workouts in gym. It is advisable to take 25mg per day and you can take a break of 1.5 weeks only after two months of continuous doses for effective results.

Pros & Cons:

Like other products it has its own pros and cons which have been listed below –
Crazy Bulk Dbal Pros:

  1. It is 100% safe, legal and non steroidal, hence without any side effects.
  2. It is even FDA approved.
  3. It is available in pills.
  4. It comes with money back guarantee.
  5. No prescription required.

Crazy Bulk Dbal Cons:

  1. It is not available in stores and has to be bought online.
  2. Due to huge demand you need to order it in advance or have to wait for quiet sometime.

Crazy Bulk Dbal For Sale

If you are looking for Crazy Bulk Dbal at amazon then it is not available there. One can buy Crazy Bulk Dbal from its official website.


The expert reviews and the customer’s testimonials as well as the product performance speak highly in favor of this supplement which has delivered results at par with its promises.
It is an excellent product for those who are keen on achieving a muscular physique along with immense strength and stamina. They can definitely vouch on the money spent on this product after they achieve the desirable results.