What is Human Growth Hormone?


What is Human Growth Hormone?

Human Growth Hormone or HGH is one of the most important hormones in the human body, it plays a role in muscle growth and retention due to its ability to promote cell division and repair throughout the body.
It promotes the growth of bones and connective tissues as well and even increases essential fatty acids, increasing energy burned from stored fat.
Here’s the catch. You can’t get it over the counter it’s prescription only. So how can you get growth hormone to work for you?
You have to start training with specific techniques and exercises. You have to supplement and eat in your diets those substances that will most likely increase HGH, and that goes beyond this blog post.
I hope to have a page dedicated to HGH soon, in the mean time, for more specifics post a comment below.
The amino acid L-Arginine is a strong simulator of Growth Hormone, and as we age, both
substances are depleted. Supplementing L-Arginine, and thus increasing growth hormone, may slow down the aging process.
Another amino acid L-Glutamine is also involved in many muscular systems, including production of growth hormone.
Info on how to take it is sparse, but expense wise, it can run up to $1000 a month and is available by prescription only.
Some side effects are retention and severe arthritits. Most bodybuilders turn to natural growth hormone releasing agents like the amino acids above.
An after workout post recovery drink called Regenerize is hitting gyms everywhere and gaining popularity.
It is supposed to have HGH in it, but it is believed it is just a strong recovery drink.
Controversy has arisen concerning those ingredients, the least of which is the new drug GHB, which kids take now like acid. Most people would do well to stay away from this stuff.



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