Trenorol Review {Truth Revealed}: Side Effects, Does it Work?


Trenorol before afterTrenorol (Trenbolone) Review – Build Lean Muscle Mass

Looking slim with a carved and lean body along with building muscles is equally tough and requires unprecedented workout or regular exercises at gym.
Apart from this one has to religiously follow a strict diet regimen. Still handful of lucky people achieves the desirable results. Now they can be one of those lucky ones by choosing the correct product being offered by one of the reputed brand Crazy Bulk.
Trenorol is one such cutting and bulking supplement that can cater to their needs without posing any danger to their health.

Introduction & Origin:

Trenorol is one of the top selling nutritional supplements introduced by Crazy Bulk and safer alternative to Trenbolone, one of the famous steroids amongst the body builders and athletes.

But owing to serious side effects the latter have been discontinued and banned in US and various countries.
Trenorol is a legal steroid with all the characteristics but without any side effects of Trenbolone. So it is 100% safe to use and doesn’t cause any hazards to the health. It has even been certified by FDA.
Earlier Trenbolone was introduced to enhance the strength and build up muscles of the livestock and referred to as “Fina”. Later on owing to its successful attempt it was modified and soon became famous amongst athletes and body builders.
It was very soon banned due to its serious health hazards and paved way for Crazy Bulk successful supplement Trenorol serving the dual purpose of building muscular body along with cutting visceral and subcutaneous fat.Trenorol-Banner

Ingredients and its Functions:

The ingredients of the Trenorol are natural and each of them functions to contribute to the anabolic effects of this supplement –

  • Beta Sitosterol-It is a plant derivative that primarily helps in reducing the blood cholesterol levels and boosts the immune system. It also assists in reducing fatigue post workouts thereby speeding up the recovery period. It is even believed to reduce the levels of dihydrotestosterone that causes male baldness.
  • Samento Inner Bark- It even helps in modulating the immune system thereby increasing the endurance level. It assists in building muscles without water retention.
  • Nettle Leaf Extract- It has an anti-inflammatory and diuretic effect and even provides energy by increasing the metabolic activities.
  • Pepsin- It is a proteolytic enzyme that acts on peptide bonds of protein constituent of body thus making it available for required muscle growth.
  • ‘Daucosterol

Magnesium stearate, gelatin capsules and brown rice flour are the other inactive ingredients.
All the ingredients works effectively to contribute to the following functions of Trenorol –

  1. Helps in shredding fats without losing the required muscles.
  2. Helps in building dense muscle thereby building muscular physique.
  3. Increases the strength and stamina of the body.
  4. Increased vascularity.
  5. It even increases the libido functions and sexual performance.

How does Trenorol Work?

Trenorol has both anabolic and androgenic effects that works in the following ways-
Nitrogen retention- The nitrogen retention increases tremendously on intake of Trenorol. This nitrogen is the primary building block of protein. More nitrogen retention implies increased synthesis of protein thus leading to the growth of dense muscles and hence muscular body.
Red Blood Cell synthesis –Trenorol increases the synthesis of RBC’s that carries oxygenated blood offering necessary oxygen to the tissues to carry out metabolic activities. Enhanced metabolic process releases energy essential for carrying out strenuous workouts in gym.
Sufficient amount of energy also helps in speedy recovery of muscle post workout sessions. It even helps in carrying essential nutrients to build hard and dense muscles contributing to well build physique.


It is advisable to take one pill daily three times a day with meals on non working days while on working days it should be consumed 30-40 mins prior to workouts. Remarkable result can be expected if it is taken continuously for two months post which one can consider taking an off for 1.5 weeks before it can be restarted .
About1.5lbs of muscle growth has been observed in less than a month’s time without any side effects.

Pros & Cons:


  1. It is 100% safe and legal.
  2. It is certified by FDA and has no side effects.
  3. It is available in pills.


  1. It is only available online on its official website and cannot be bought in stores.

Trenorol is hailed one of the best muscle growth supplement and overall end users and experts have recommended its usage and spoken highly of it. So one can surely give it a try to experience the wonderful results it has to deliver.