Varitonil Review: Side Effects, Scam, Ingredients, Does it Work?



Varitonil Reviews

Varitonil is a food supplement and plays a healing role in men’s virility since it was produced in order to increase the male hormones called testosterone.
Testosterone actually exists in both sexes; however, it plays a more important role in men’s body as it increases their general characteristics from strength to specific characteristics such as sexual strength.

Company behind

Varitonil testosterone booster is a company claiming to have the ultimate comprehension of the men’s need for testosterone in order to reach their maximal potency and make them stronger than ever.


  • A 100% natural product without fail making it one of its kind.
  • Increases testosterone levels to the summit and makes you regain potency at any age.
  • Designed to have no side effects.
  • Increases general men’s health and gives the best sex experience at all times.


  • L-Arginine: in an amino acid taking a role in the creation of bodily proteins.
  • Saw Palmetto Berry Extract extracts usually used to heal prostate health problems.
  • Ginkgo Biloba Extract: an Asian tree known for its many health benefits especially its euphoric effects.
  • Bioperine: a molecule extracted from black paper and has many healing properties.
  • Epimedium: a reputed aphrodisiac
  • Asian plant.

How Does Varitonil Work?

The process of aging has many effects among them is the decreasing testosterone levels in the body implying that men will have less potency when it comes to their sex life, making them experience impotency and decreased stamina during the sexual act.
Varitonil makes the body produce more testosterone and boosts the circulatory system giving the men using it more strength and a greater libido.

Varitonil Pros

  • The natural composition of the Varitonil makes it very desirable, as it presents no risks when ingesting it.
  • It makes the men who use it regain confidence in themselves and provides a great sex life again with no effort.
  • The Varitonil boosts the testosterone levels and insures a great potency.

Varitonil Cons

  • Varitonil has no quality labels whatsoever and therefore cannot provide proof of their claim.
  • We do not know the amounts of the extractions made from those natural plants that have been used in the product.
  • This product can only be purchased through its producer’s website.
  • Their claims cannot be verified as they present no tests not results.

Varitonil Results

Through the many people who tried it, many complained about its inefficiency and disappointment although following the instructions while a few seem ok with it.

Where to Buy Varitonil?

The usual web services such as ebay or amazon do not sell this product and the only selling point you will find in the official website of the producers, which does not give enough information or reviews. No others means of purchase are inexistent.

Is Varitonil a scam?

Not all the products that are sold of the internet are legally authorized, when an ingestible product has no quality labels at all and no certified results many questions arises regarding the veracity of its claims.
The other problem is the results that did not take effect as promised for many users.

Varitonil Side effects

Saw Palmetto Extract took part in many certified clinical trials and the results were negative.
The L-Arginine is no better as it presents potential risk to the heart and the kidneys, and it intake is bad for older people who are at a risk to catch a heart or kidney problem at any given time.

Final Verdict

As a supplement, it is supposed to be taken in very few amounts but even so as a product with no guarantee and no positive results it is better to refrain from either purchasing it or using it at all. It is better to look for real natural substitutes with known effects and verified results. Health and authenticity are both mandatory for keep yourself safe.

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